About Amby

Family Pic Fall 2015

Photo by Shaina Rae Photography

Hi! My name is Amber (aka Amby). Thanks for visiting my blog. My life revolves around my husband (my high school sweetheart), and my two kids (Henry and Greta). I love food, fashion, and the every day workings of our lives. I currently live in the midwest, but have spent time living in California, and will soon be making a move to Colorado!

The name Amby comes from a nickname my husband gave me way back in high school. It has always been personal to me. When thinking what to name this blog my husband suggested using ‘Amby’ from the beginning, but I wasn’t so sure. In the end, he was right on. Using the name, Amby, reminds me to not take life too seriously, or this blog, ha!

There are several reasons I wanted to start a blog. I love to cook and share good recipes with people. I am not usually a recipe creator, so on this blog you will mainly find recipes that I have found over the years. These are recipes that I use time and time again, and often tweak a bit from the original. My husband and I are both huge fans of America’s Test Kitchen so be prepared to see a lot of recipes from them! 🙂

The second reason for starting this blog is to share my love of fashion and lifestyle with you. It gives me a creative outlet to tell you about some of my favorite pieces of clothes, or maybe even a fun trip that we took.

Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the blog!