Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Have you started thinking about Mother’s Day yet? May 14th is quickly approaching! I’ve rounded up some items that might give you some inspiration. If you are looking for ideas for your mom or wife, I’ve got you covered. And for all of the hardworking moms out there just forward this post to your loved ones and say, “number(s)…., please!”

Mother's Day 2017

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New Year, New Do!

A little over a year ago I started losing a lot of hair. It reminded me of the post-baby hair loss that many women experience. However, I had not just had a baby! For a while I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. Then, one day I started thinking back to what might have changed in my life. The only real change was that I had an IUD inserted. After doing some quick searching online, I realized that many other women experienced this same side effect after getting a IUD.

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