Charcuterie & Cheese Board

Charcuterie, Cheese, & Bread Board

One of my favorite and easiest appetizers to prepare is a charcuterie and cheese board. They look like a lot of effort, but they’re really not! This is a great appetizer to include for Thanksgiving because there is usually something for everyone on it. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of prep. You are just basically shopping for the ingredients. Today I’m going to walk you through how I organize a charcuterie and cheese board.

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Hosting Thanksgiving

Does hosting Thanksgiving or planning a party sound like a stressful or overwhelming task? It certainly can be, but I hope to help you out with that today. You see, for the last several years Aaron and I have hosted our families for Thanksgiving. With some thoughtful planning, we have been able to have a mostly stress-free Thanksgiving. I say mostly because I tend to stress out about things no matter how prepared I am. 😉

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