Father’s Day Gift Guide

Eeek! Father’s Day is just around the corner…June 18th to be exact. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to get my husband this year, but I’ve put together a few ideas for you guys. These are all items that my husband (Aaron) uses and loves.

Father's Day Gift Guide

  1. These are my husband’s favorite shorts. He likes them because they aren’t too long, and they are made of a light-weight material which dry quickly in case they get wet.
  2. These aprons might look familiar. I talked about them here. I gave one of these aprons to Aaron for his birthday this year. I also bought one for myself because I liked them so much. šŸ˜‰
  3. These are the best instant read thermometers. They can give you an accurate temperature reading in 2-3 seconds. Aaron and I both use this kitchen staple regularly. It is a game changer for perfectly cooking any meat dish.
  4. Aaron wears these socks all the time when the weather gets cooler. They aren’t super thick but keep your feet nice and warm. They also don’t make your feet sweat like certain socks do.
  5. This isn’t the first time I have talked about these Swell water bottles. Aaron has one and brings it to work with him every day. He likes their slim shape and the fact that it doesn’t weigh down his bag when it’s filled with water. They hold the equivalent of your standard plastic water bottle.
  6. We are big fans of carbon steel pans in our household. Aaron uses this 8-inch pan every morning to make scrambled eggs. Once you season the pan properly it is virtually non-stick and so easy to clean. Since they are just steel they can also go into the oven easily without worry.
  7. These pants are Aaron’s favorite casual pants that aren’t jeans, lol. They are easy to dress up or down and they fit well too. They aren’t too tight or baggy, but they also have some stretch for extra comfort.
  8. One kitchen essential that Aaron couldn’t live without are tongs. He uses them all the time, and they are truly a kitchen essential.
  9. Aaron became a big fan of theĀ Ted BakerĀ LondonĀ brand a few years ago. We just happened to come across some shirts while shopping at Nordstrom one day and now they are a go to for him. These polo shirts fit Aaron really well since they are more of a slim fit and not too baggy. Since they are a bit pricey I try to purchase them during the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.

I hope some of these items give you an idea of what to get your dad or husband for Father’s Day this year.

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