Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Gift Guide for Kids

1. Magna-Tiles

These are hands down the toy that my kids play with the most. I love that there are endless possibilities and creations you can make with these tiles. We started with the 100 piece set when my son was about one, and we have just been adding to our collection ever since!

2. Melting Snowman

These make a great stocking stuffer. My kids love playing with the snowmen and watching them melt. The kids always are super excited to see the snowmen when we break out the Christmas stuff.

3. Sketch Pad

My kids love to draw and color. They are always on the hunt for “plain” paper to use. These sketch pads fit that role and the weight of the paper is nice as well. Markers and paint won’t bleed through the sheets.

4. Garmin Vivofit Jr.

We gave one of these to my son for his birthday. It’s great for kids because they can track their active minutes each day along with many other features. It’s nice for parents because you can use their app to see their active minutes, and it has a chore and reward function as well. You can assign a point value for all different types of chores and then your child can trade in those points for a reward. We are going to get my daughter one for Christmas this year.

5. Kwikstix

Let’s just say that I don’t like messy art projects. Glitter, lots of glue, play-doh, wet paint, etc. are all things we don’t use very often in our house, lol! However, these paint sticks are fantastic. They have great pigment and dry quickly. I can trust my kids to use these and not worry about it.

6. EzyRoller

This is just a fun riding toy! The nice part about it is that it comes with an extension rod so it can grow with your kids.

7. Native Shoes

I buy a pair of these shoes every summer for my kids. They refer to them as their “water shoes.” They are easy to take on and off and are even easier to clean. All you have to do is spray them out.

8. Boogie Board

We’ve been Boogie Board fans for a long time. My kids keep theirs in the car. They are great to take into restaurants, appointments, etc.

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