Holiday Gift Guide for the Cook & Home

Gift Guide for the Cook & Home

1. Plush Throw

I bought two of these blankets for my kids. They are so soft, cozy, and a great size. My kids love them so much that they end up carrying them all around the house.

2. Bench Scraper

This is a great basic kitchen tool. I use this bench scraper when transferring food from my cutting board, dividing dough, or even to scrape food/crumbs off of my countertop.

3. Instant Pot

I love using my Instant Pot. It is so much faster than a slow cooker. I have made soup, bone broth, hard boiled eggs, rice, whole chicken, pork, and beef all in my Instant Pot. There’s even an entire Facebook group dedicated to the “Instant Pot Community” where people share recipes and advice.

4. Vitamix

I know that is an expensive item, but if you are in the market for a new blender I would strongly suggest this one. I use my Vitamix every day. It is definitely a workhorse in my kitchen.

5. Onion Goggles

If you can’t stand chopping onions then these are for you. I wear these every time I chop onions, and I no longer have any tears.

6. Kitchen Scale

I definitely think this is another basic tool that you should have in your kitchen. I use my scale when measuring ingredients for baking or dividing up meat to make burgers.

7. Santa Advent Calendar

I have always liked the idea of advent calendars, but I didn’t always like the trinkets and/0r candy that came along with it. This calendar solves those problems, and it looks nice in your home. Also, it’s easy for the kids to move the snowflake each day. *As I was looking through things this morning (12/4) this item is no longer available. I will continue checking in case they get more in stock.

8. Cutting Board

This is another item that I use in my kitchen every day. I always have my big butcher block cutting board on my countertop. The large size makes it easy to chop all sorts of things. They are rather easy to maintain as well. All you have to do is oil your board periodically.

9. Thermapen

This instant read thermometer is the best. It can take the temperature of your food in just 2-3 seconds! I use this every time I am making meat. I’ve even used it while baking bread and rolls.

10. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

I feel this vacuum is a must if you have children. It works so well. I use it to vacuum our hardwood floors and area rugs. Right now (at least while I’m writing this post) you can get it at a pretty good price too.

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